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Christmas tradition in Kočevska region

The winter holiday season is already in full swing. Throughout cities, a myriad festive lights have been lit, and we are busy wrapping gifts for our loved ones and baking sweet treats to make the most of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The manner in which we celebrate today is in many ways different from the celebration typical of Kočevska region (and elsewhere in Slovenia) before the World War…

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Stane Jarm, Deklica s piščalko. Kočevje

Stane Jarm

He was a versatile and very sophisticated artist who drew inspiration from his home environment, in particular the lives and hardships of domestic folk. He acknowledged the importance of art…

Gottscheer folk group performance, Zavod Putscherle

Gottscheer traditional attire

Traditional attire in the Kočevska region from the 17th century The first description of Gottscheers’ clothing practices can be found in Valvasor’s “The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola” from 1689.…