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John B. Gladitsch: a story of the American Gottscheer

A Journey to America We left Austria in 1956 for America, when I was 4 years old. My parents lived in Gottschee until 1938 when my father opened a clothing store in Ljubljana, where he sold clothes made by the Kresse company in Gottschee. When the second world war ended my parents were living in Jesenice and their Slovenian friends suggested that it was best for them to flee the…

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Stane Jarm, Deklica s piščalko. Kočevje

Stane Jarm

He was a versatile and very sophisticated artist who drew inspiration from his home environment, in particular the lives and hardships of domestic folk. He acknowledged the importance of art…

Gottscheer folk group performance, Zavod Putscherle

Gottscheer traditional attire

Traditional attire in the Kočevska region from the 17th century The first description of Gottscheers’ clothing practices can be found in Valvasor’s “The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola” from 1689.…