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A stroll through the village of Občice (Gott. Khrapflern)

“Isn’t even the humblest dwelling magnificent, when it is observed intimately?” I took a walk through the village of Občice occupied with similar thoughts as the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard (1884–1962), who dedicated his work The Poetics of Space to the relationship towards the perception of houses and spaces. This clustered settlement along the so-called “Partisan main line”, seven kilometres from Dolenjske Toplice, despite its smallness, offers visitors a glimpse…

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Student project for the Gottscheer ethnological exhibition in Občice

The Society of Native Gottschee Settlers On the main road through the village of Občice in the municipality of Dolenjske Toplice stands a restored, blue-painted old farmhouse. Since 1998, it has housed the Society of Native Gottschee Settlers. The society was founded in 1992 and promotes and preserves the cultural heritage of the Gottschee region. The main activities of the society include a folklore and singing group, the publication of…

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Peter Klepec – a mighty hero of the Kolpa and Čabranka Valley

Peter Klepec - statue in Mali Lug

A frail child becomes a hero Small and frail, barefoot and wearing patched-up clothes. He led the sheep or oxen to pasture on steep slopes that loom over the Kolpa River. Like most poor children in the Kolpa and Čabranka Valley, he served as a village shepherd to help his poor mother. Because he was a weakling, other shepherds beat him and made fun of him – until a miracle…

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