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German-speaking community: Reflection on the diversity in the Alpe-Adria region

The Alpe-Adria region, which also includes Austria’s Carinthia and Styria, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Istria, is a laboratory of many of the characteristics that both divide and unite the peoples of the area. Even though the “tumultuous” 20th century with its nationalisms, wars and conflicts has already ended, it still affects the daily life of the region. Ethnicity remains an important part of human identity, and its study is…

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Student project for the Gottscheer ethnological exhibition in Občice

The Society of Native Gottschee Settlers On the main road through the village of Občice in the municipality of Dolenjske Toplice stands a restored, blue-painted old farmhouse. Since 1998, it has housed the Society of Native Gottschee Settlers. The society was founded in 1992 and promotes and preserves the cultural heritage of the Gottschee region. The main activities of the society include a folklore and singing group, the publication of…

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The Days of Gottscheer Culture: a joint project of three municipalities

Do you know who Gottscheers are? Do you know how to say “Good day” in Gottscheer dialect? Do you know how to make pobolitsen? Do you know where Gottscheers used to live? For 6 years, the Days of Gottscheer Culture have been trying to answer all of the above and many other questions. The event came to life in 2015 at the initiative of individuals from the Municipality of Dolenjske…

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