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January 2023

Heritage History

130 years of the Kočevje railway

Inaugaration of the Kočevje railway »Hey, how it crackled yesterday in Lower Carniola (Dolenjska), down towards Kočevska land! And rightly so. For such a national holiday promoting economic progress will not be celebrated soon by the local generation there, present or future, as yesterday was the day when the Iron Road was solemnly inaugurated /…/ It was a joyful day for the whole land of Carniola, but it was especially…

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Gottscheer Communities

Where do Gottscheers Live around the World? – Part II: Gottscheers in New York

Gottscheers in New Yorku: First stop – Brooklyn Church life played a very important role in the integration of the first immigrants from Kočevje in the USA and for their adjustment to life in a new environment. The first meeting center of the New York Gottscheers was the All Saints Church in Brooklyn. Since 1886, when the first Gottscheer couple married there, the number of Gottscheer marriages has steadily increased.…

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Gottscheer Communities History

Where do Gottscheers Live around the World? – Part I: Gottscheers in Cleveland

Especially in the summer months, increasing number of cars with foreign registration plates can be seen driving on Kočevska roads, sometimes even some buses. In addition to visitors attracted to Kočevska by its unspoilt nature, there are also those who are looking for their roots in Kočevska. Gottscheers and descendants of Gottscheers visit the villages where their parents or grandparents lived. They also visit archives to find information about their…

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