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December 2021


Pilichmandle – protector of the dormouse

The forests of Kočevje (Gottschee), with their beauty and mysteries, have often stirred human imagination. People have made up stories about natural phenomena and unusual events that they could not otherwise explain. With the chirping of owls, the cracking of branches in the forest and the change in the dormouse population, a story about Pilichmandle, a dwarfish creature that disturbed the dormouse hunters during their hunt, was born. Pilichmandle as…

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A childhood stolen: memories of the (post)war period in the Dragarska valley (Suchenertal) and the surrounding villages

On the way to Dragarska valley (Suchenertal) As I follow the road south of the Hrib – Loški Potok settlement, surrounded by peaceful green surroundings, enlivened in this autumn season by hues of red, warm brown and orange. I have left the hustle and bustle of the city far behind me, and now I am heading for places that are unfortunately scarcely populated. The path leads me through forests, and…

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About the Christmas time with the Gottscheers

The magic allure of Christmas is an atmosphere of expectation and warmth. Faith was important in the life of the Gottscheers The Gottscheers have always been deeply devout Catholics. This is also evidenced by the sacral buildings built by the inhabitants of Kočevsko region during the 600 years of their stay there. Almost every village had a church or at least a chapel. They built and maintained the buildings themselves,…

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