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April 2019

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The autumn come and all men vanished – the peddler’s trade in Kočevska (Gottschee) region

“The Gottscheers were peddling folks. The autumn come and all men vanished. They ventured forth to various cities – all the way to Berlin. Many of them earned well and I must admit that at that time in the Kočevska region – particularly in the city of Kočevje itself – prosperity bloomed.  In taverns, you could treat yourself to the best snacks that you would not find even in Ljubljana,” wrote…

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Environment Prehistory

The Koblarska cave (Koblarska jama) and the Black cave (Črna jama)

You should visit some when it’s raining. Or snowing. That is, if you want to witness the majestic interplay of water seeping through the floor and falling to the basin, from which it splashes in thousand little droplets … Or otherwise you also won’t be able to see a true underground “waterfall”. But that is just one scenic view.  With most of the others, the weather does not play an…

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The water powered the sledgehammer as well

Verderber’s blacksmith workshop in Spodnja Bilpa Water and fire. The force of the former could be curbed only partly: through a lifted or half lifted flap it rushed in the channel and after a few metres under the wheel that powered almost everything in his smithy including the “sledgehammer”. However, when from under the Bilparska stena crag, where according to the oral tradition the Devil himself once held his abode, after…

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