Heritage History

130 years of the Kočevje railway

Inaugaration of the Kočevje railway »Hey, how it crackled yesterday in Lower Carniola (Dolenjska), down towards Kočevska land! And rightly so. For such a national holiday promoting economic progress will not be celebrated soon by the local generation there, present or future, as yesterday was the day when the Iron Road was solemnly inaugurated /…/ It was a joyful day for the whole land of Carniola, but it was especially…

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Planina (Stockendorf)

Postcard of Planina (Stockendorf), sent on 4 March 1918 from Planina to Vinica. Archive of Dr. Božidar Flajšman. Kočevski b(r)log / Gottscheerblog …

Gottscheer folk group performance, Zavod Putscherle

Gottscheer traditional attire

Traditional attire in the Kočevska region from the 17th century The first description of Gottscheers’ clothing practices can be found in Valvasor’s “The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola” from 1689.…