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January 2024

Heritage History

Cemetery in Stari Log

The cemetery in Stari Log (Altlag) near Kočevje is one of the best preserved Gottscheer cemeteries. It is not only the eternal resting place of the inhabitants of Stari Log, at the same time it bears witness to the events that shaped Stari Log and its surroundings, as well as the wider Kočevska region. As a witness to the past and a meeting place bringing together different remembrances, the cemetery…

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Events Gottscheer Communities

German-speaking community: Reflection on the diversity in the Alpe-Adria region

The Alpe-Adria region, which also includes Austria’s Carinthia and Styria, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Slovenia and Istria, is a laboratory of many of the characteristics that both divide and unite the peoples of the area. Even though the “tumultuous” 20th century with its nationalisms, wars and conflicts has already ended, it still affects the daily life of the region. Ethnicity remains an important part of human identity, and its study is…

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Art Culture

Artistic activity in Kočevska region

Artistic activity, both by academic and amateur artists, has a special character in Kočevska region. On the one hand, it is strongly linked to the natural features of the area, while on the other hand it seeks expression in its past. Kočevsko area not only awakens the imagination of artists, but also serves as a place where artistic ideas intertwine with the cultural context, creating a unique artistic landscape. In…

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