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December 2019

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Christmas tradition in Kočevska region

The winter holiday season is already in full swing. Throughout cities, a myriad festive lights have been lit, and we are busy wrapping gifts for our loved ones and baking sweet treats to make the most of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The manner in which we celebrate today is in many ways different from the celebration typical of Kočevska region (and elsewhere in Slovenia) before the World War…

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Šipling (Schipling) – Christmas bread from Kočevska region (Slov. poprtnik)

In 1592, the scholar Hieronymus Megiser first wrote about the especially decorated Christmas bread that is in various places across Slovenia called poprtnik, namiznjak, žúpnik, župnek, poprtnják, bôžič, božíčnik, mížnik, nám(i)žnik, stólnik, postólnik, and in Kočevska region it is called šipling, žiplink, schupling or Schiplitzen. A good century after him, in 1689, the polymath Janez Vajkard Valvasor in his book The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola described the Christmas…

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