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A “Gottscheer” Star among the Heroes of the World Cup

The most high-profile sporting event of 2022 was undoubtedly the recently concluded FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The most important sideshow in the world has been the central theme for more than a month, not only in sporting circles but also in general. The soccer World Cup rarely leaves anyone indifferent, and the last tournament of the world’s national team elite was particularly interesting for fans of the game from…

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Soccer in Kočevska Region from the Beginnings to the World War II

Soccer is by far the most popular and widespread sport worldwide. In fact, one might even say it is the only sport that is played professionally or on amateur level on a massive scale on every continent on our planet. There is practically no city that does not have at least one soccer club, and Kočevje is of course no exception. The history and tradition of playing soccer in Kočevska…

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