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Lynx, the mysterious feline of Slovenian forests

Most probably you will never spot a lynx in the wild. We may see traces of its footprints in the mud or snow. Yet the very thought of a large wildcat watching us from behind a nearby rock stirs the imagination. The forest is more full, diverse and inspiring because of its presence. What kind of an animal is lynx – the mysterious denizen of our forests? The Eurasian lynx…

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Heritage History

Franc Volf, a miner from Kočevje: memories of a miner’s life in Kočevje

Unfortunately, there are less and less former miners from Kočevje still alive today. One of the few retired mine workers who still remembers his mining years with great joy and pride is Franc Volf from Šalka vas. He came to work at the Kočevje Mine directly after completing his compulsory military service in 1968. He also worked as a mine rescue worker at the coal mine, where he remained until…

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